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Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) can be an ideal choice for business owners and individuals looking to control their own superannuation. When it comes to UK Pension transfers, SMSFs present a suitable QROPS solution in certain circumstances.

We have a range of tailored SMSF products, and with our team of dedicated professionals we can assist in the establishment of a fund, obtain QROPS approval, and invest the funds once they arrive in Australia.

With a SMSF you get flexibility and choice, along with the secure feeling that you have the backing of our professional team, from establishment, preparation and lodgement of financial statements and tax obligations through to effective financing, tax planning and wealth building strategies.


We understand that as part of any effective pension transfer strategy and retirement plan, everyone is looking to maximise the return on their investment. To achieve this, given the levels of complexity in dealing with foreign pension schemes, it is essential that your strategies are structured in the most tax-effective way.

We have partnered with the McKinley Plowman Tax Advisory team to ensure that any tax risks or compliance obligations are being managed by the best in the business.

Drawing on experience from years of collaborating with financial planners and pension specialists, the MP+ Tax Advisory team can provide tailored advice on a variety of pension transfer strategies. We can quickly understand your objectives and identify strategies to optimise tax outcomes. This includes comprehensive advice on complex tax issues faced by many clients looking to undertake once-off or multiple overseas pension transfers. Obtaining proactive advice not only provides certainty on pension transfer strategies but also mitigates ‘tax headaches’ and exposure to penalties down the track.

With dedicated specialists in each division within McKinley Plowman and Sterling PTS (e.g. international tax specialists, superannuation specialists), we also have the ability to tap into expertise on broader issues as required. This is complemented by MP+ Tax Advisory’s proven track record of delivering advice in a timely manner, especially when under tight deadlines.

The team offers both upfront tax advice based on a proposed transaction and final advice once your pension transfer is complete. The scope of each engagement may differ, however, the typical transactions we advise on include:

  • Lump Sums: Advice regarding the Australian tax implications of lump sum withdrawals (e.g. Pension Commencement Lump Sums – ‘PCLS’) and lump sum transfers.
  • Tax Calculations: Calculation of the Applicable Fund Earnings (‘AFE’) which is necessary to determine your tax liability in Australia.
    Foreign Transfers: Calculation of ‘Previously Exempt Fund Earnings’ relating to previous overseas superannuation fund transfers.
  • NCC/TBC Caps: Advice in relation to maximising contributions within non-concessional contribution caps (‘NCC’)/total superannuation balance cap (‘TSB’) and interactions with the ‘Bring-Forward Rule’.
  • International Agreements: Strategies involving ‘Double Tax Agreement’ (‘DTAs’) advice and access to exemptions/double tax relief/non-UK QROPS funds.
    Advice or Private Rulings: For more complex strategies, preparation of tailored advice or private binding rulings that will give certainty on tax outcomes.

MP+ Tax Advisory has pioneered a holistic tax advisory service focused on overseas pension transfers, and as part of our offering, we can facilitate multinational advice via our affiliation with MSI Global Alliance (‘MSI’). We have developed a sound relationship with MSI advisers located in various jurisdictions over a number of years (particularly in the UK, US and NZ). Therefore, no matter the origin of the pension fund, MP+ Tax Advisory can co-ordinate advice in multiple jurisdictions if required.

In each case, a logical approach is taken to pursue the most feasible strategy from the outset, ensuring unnecessary costs are not incurred.