UK Pension Transfers

PTS assist UK migrants to maximise their retirement benefits by transferring their UK pension funds to Australia.
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UK State Pension

Enhance your income in retirement - pay additional voluntary national insurance contributions whilst abroad.
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RSA Retirement Annuities

Do you have funds tied up in an RSA annuity? It is now possible to withdraw the full value and bring it to Australia.
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UK Pension Transfer Consultation

We can find out your current UK pension transfer value and death benefits at no cost.

The team are expats, with UK pensions experience.

Call now on 08 92339269

Pension Transfer Specialists (PTS) are an independent business that specialise in British pensions in Australia, organising UK pension transfers to ROPS superannuation funds. The PTS team includes UK migrants with experience and relevant qualifications from the UK financial planning and pensions industry. In addition, we have dedicated UK partners that are able to provide regulated UK financial advice in conjunction with our transfer service should it be required. PTS also assist UK Migrants and Australians who have worked in the UK increase their income in retirement by making additional national insurance contributions to maximise their benefits to a UK State Pension.  

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