Pension Transfer Specialists


PTS assist UK migrants to maximise their retirement benefits by transferring their UK pension funds to Australia.

UK Pension Transfer Consultation – We can find out your current UK pension transfer value and death benefits at no cost.

Pension Transfer Specialists (PTS) specialise in British pensions in Australia, and have established a strong reputation for seamless UK pension transfers to ROPS superannuation funds. The PTS team includes UK migrants with experience and relevant qualifications from the UK financial planning and pensions industry. In addition, we have dedicated UK partners that are able to provide regulated UK financial advice in conjunction with our transfer service should it be required. PTS also refer UK Migrants and Australians who have worked in the UK increase their income in retirement by making additional national insurance contributions to maximise their benefits to a UK State Pension. This is a service provided by McKinley Plowman, and you can find more information here.

What some of our clients have to say:

I migrated to Australia with my family in July 2012 & it has been a difficult, stressful and emotional time. One thing was made easier however with the transfer of my NHS pension being handled the team at PTS. The process began before we left the UK and has continued to run smoothly since our arrival here with PTS keeping me informed at all stages through to the funds being received and invested. With complex issues, deadlines and tax minefields to name a few I was very happy to hand the transfer over to the professionals. I would have no hesitation in recommending PTS for pension transfer services, their professionalism and customer service is second to none.

Kirsten Wild
Registered Midwife, St John of God Hospital

I would like to say thank you very much for all the help you have given me regarding securing my British Pension. When I first looked into the matter it seemed bigger than Ben Hur but you took over and it has gone smoothly and I now receive more than I dreamed would be coming my way.

Lance Dawes
Campus Support Assistant, Edith Cowan University

Since being introduced to PTS by my financial advisor, they have worked tirelessly to enable me to move my British pension to Australia. The team was available day and night to guide me through the labyrinth of red tape. Their professionalism was second to none, even in adverse situations. Thank you for helping me secure my future in Australia.

Jill Doherty

Joan had not claimed her state pension as she was not aware of the process or the benefits that she would be entitled to. As Joan should have collected her pension several years previously, PTS were able to put the pension into payment and obtain a backdated lump sum of $145,000 in respect of the unclaimed pension. Joan is also in the process of transferring a number UK pensions to consolidate all of her and her husband’s benefits in Australia and save significant tax in the process.

South Perth

Oliver had 5 UK Pension Schemes, 2 of which changed administrators during the course of the transfer process. He told us that if it wasn’t for PTS he would have lost track of his benefits because neither scheme contacted him to notify him of this change. He is now really happy 5 funds have been successfully transferred to his superannuation where he can keep control of his funds and save significant tax in retirement.

South Australia