UK State Pension

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Voluntary National Insurance contributions whilst abroad

(Please note the figures in the video are based on the 2016/2017 tax year.  The Full Pension for 2018/2019 is £164.35) The full entitlement to the NEW UK state pension is currently £164.35 per week. At PTS, we can help you to increase your income in retirement by making additional UK pension voluntary contributions to maximise your entitlement.

Why would you make additional National Insurance contributions?

  • The UK State pension is not means tested unlike the Australian Age Pension.
  • You could increase your retirement income per year from the UK Government.
  • The low cost of the contributions, relative to the increase in annual pension, makes it a compelling investment.

How can we help:-

  • We can find out your present entitlement to the UK state pension
  • Produce a detailed report on how you can improve this entitlement
  • Dependent on your circumstances, we will appeal for the right to pay Class 2 National Insurance contributions – saving you approximately £580 for every NI year purchased
  • Arrange for your NI record to be topped up.
  • Assist in claiming the pension once you reach state pension age.

Our Fees

Our fee for this service is $550 including GST (couples $950 including GST for both). We can also assist you to put your pension into payment. Our fee for this service is $350. Depending on your date of birth, we may be able to assist you in claiming a lump sum in respect of any pension that you have not yet claimed.  There will be an additional charge for this service. Even if you have already reached State Pension Age you may still be able to increase your entitlement. If you require any further information then please contact us.

State Pension Facts

The UK State Pension is a credit based system and not means tested unlike the Australian Age Pension. From 6th April 2016 individuals that have paid less than 10 years of National Insurance contributions are no longer eligible to claim the pension, previously it was 3 years. In addition, married women that previously had their National Insurance record tested in conjunction with their partner are now  tested on their own individual merit. This may affect couples where one parent remained at home to look after children and did not pay sufficient national insurance contributions during the period. The amount of pension you receive depends on the number of National Insurance years you have been credited with.

National Insurance Credits

Weekly Pension Entitlement (£)

Annual Pension Entitlement ($)













Based on exchange rate of 1.90 35 years worth of credits currently entitles you to the full NEW State Pension however you may receive more than the amount quoted above if you have built up an additional entitlement through the earnings related schemes known as Graduated pension, SERPS or S2P and you may receive less than the amount quoted above if you were contracted out of the additional State Pension at any time. Enhance Your UK State Pension You have the ability to top-up’ your State Pension entitlement by paying additional voluntary National Insurance Contributions whilst abroad. Each additional National Insurance credit that is purchased will provide you with an additional 1/35th of the NEW state pension until you have topped up to the maximum 35 years. Class 2 National Insurance Contributions: If you meet certain criteria each National Insurance Credit will cost approximately £145. This would increase your annual pension by approximately £230 per annum payable from your state pension age. You may have the option of purchasing ten National Insurance contributions in one go if you have been out of the UK for ten years or more. In addition, you can then purchase an additional year for each year until you have reached the maximum entitlement of 35 years or State Pension Age, whichever is sooner. Class 3 National Insurance: If you do not meet the criteria to pay Class 2 rates, then you can still top up by paying Class 3 contributions. Class 3 contributions will provide the same pension uplift as Class 2 contributions but it will cost approximately £730 for each National Insurance contribution made. Australian Age Pension The Australian Age Pension is a means tested benefit provided by CentreLink. The amount of pension received will depend on the amount of income and assets you have. The UK State Pension is counted in the income test when CentreLink calculate your Age Pension.  

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