If you want to find out about transferring a pension from UK to Australia, we can help. Pension Transfer Specialists (PTS) is an  Australian Company offering a specialist UK pension transfers and UK Pension consulting. While transferring pension assets to Australia offers the benefits of a tax-free retirement income, flexible investment opportunities and long term asset protection, any mistakes or complications in transferring can result in heavy penalties.

We are specialists in the workings of the UK pension system in Australia, especially the mechanics behind the transferring into the Australian superannuation system and enhancing your client’s entitlement to the UK State Pension Working with Financial Planners, Stockbrokers and Accountants facilitating the UK Pension Transfer and UK State Pension Enhancement service, your client remains your client, we are fully aware of the reputational risks involved. To discover your UK pension entitlement, or to enquire about transferring UK pensions to Australia, contact us today.

Jacqui Wilkinson, UK Pensions Specialist

Jacqui brings a wealth of administration experience to PTS, including 15 years working at Abbey National in the UK. Jacqui hails from Middlesbrough and is responsible for our State Pension Service administration as well as assisting with the day to day administration of pension transfers.